This Inspirational Card Deck includes 62 Hand-Drawn Art Cards with a 50-page Guidebook with Explanations of the Quotes and Sayings mentioned on the ArtCards. These Cards are meant to be used on a daily basis to Inspire you in a variety of ways. 
Start each day with a Powerful dose of Wisdom and Inspiration as You are guided to take Action, Overcome Fear, Boost Your Self-Esteem, Create Success, Enjoy Life, Claim Your Inner Strength, and make Your Dreams Come True!

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What People say about these Inspiration Cards:

“We received your Cards yesterday! They look Amazing! Thank you so much! And the size is fantastic too. They are all pieces of Art and make a great Display in a Room!"

Claudia van Zuiden

TitleTransformative Coach

“Onwijs bedankt voor je Cards. Ze zijn Waanzinnig Prachtig Mooi!!!!”

Miranda Hoogenbosch

Atelier MooiZO

“Your Inspiration Cards are absolutely Awsome!! All 62 Cards are so Beautifull and Unique! I can feel this Art is coming straight from your heart. I look forward to your PostCards Chantal! Can't wait!”

Sandra janssen


What people say about my ArtCards on Social Media:

Chantal her beautiful, colorful ArtCards radiate warmth, love, creativity, variation, inspiration, authenticity, sincerity, spirituality and respect. All paintings are supplemented by wisdom, quotes, reminders and valuable messages. It is always a perfect match. Chantal is an artist in heart and soul. Her ArtCards make the world a bit more beautiful. I greatly enjoy her daily posts on Social Media. Every time she knows how to touch and inspire me again .... I am happy and grateful that I met you, Chantal Meester, and I’m really looking forward to all your creations which will come in the future……🙏"

Petra Tielman-Unkel|


Congratulations, Chantal. What a wonderful and inspiring story of accomplishment! And your inspiration cards look colorful and beautiful - and, from your posts here on LinkedIn, I know they will provide positive thoughts and great energy. I can’t wait to see them! I am certain your card set will find a big and grateful audience."

James Sampson |

Executive Business Consultant

Wat ontzettend leuk!! En wat ziet, alleen de verpakking alleen al, er geweldig uit!"

Barbara Marré |

Cabin Attendant

Ik ben verliefd op al jouw quotes/tekeningen.. prachtige kleuren.. 
Iedere nieuwe dag .. weer een wonderlijk cadeau..pak het met beide handen en veel liefde aan."

Diana Parsan


Chantal her art is amazing! She’s able to create a painting by a very specific quote or sentence. You don’t have to read everything because the painting gives the highlights in one second. When I see the artwork, it makes me happy. It’s has fresh en inspiring colors and it made me realize how powerful art is. When I have an important message I write it, but She also made it visual. The group of people who understand and remember the message is way bigger. I hope Chantal can create specific cards and inspiring cards for special moments where the big companies don’t take notice off."

Mandy Bakker-Rooker |

Eigenaar On(der)wijs Goed

Ongelooflijk wat een tekentalent!"

Yves de Sloover |

Zaakvoerder Sleutelmakerij Yves