Samenvatting van het Interview 

1. Welcome Nisandeh, What is an Enlightend Millionaire?

Enlightened Millionaire is my definition of a person that after paying for all their needs and wants, still left with income coming in, which they contribute to causes that are bigger than themselves. 

2. So what are your plans for 2018? You said 2 times Goodbye? A bit confusing, please do tell...(Wat zijn jouw plannen voor de toekomst? Je hebt al 2X afscheid genomen... Een beetje verwarrend, leg aub uit!)

I said 'goodbye' at the end of 2016 from teaching anything I have taught before (namely business and financial freedom) in order to find a better way to fulfill my mission of touching the lives of one million people. This 'better way' became which we launched in April 2017 and is packaging all my business and financial training programs in one sophisticated online platform for a tiny monthly fee.

I took 2017 to share everything I know about living your dream life, with focus on the 4 pillars - happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. I thought I'll be doing it for the next 5-10 years, but very soon I realized that after sharing my knowledge once, it will be time for me to move further in my life... so... in December this year I will say 'good bye' for good. 

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3. Carla Dunselman: You Choose to Change Again! What is Your New Recipe For Success?

My new recipe for success? It's not new, but it is more refined. To live your dream life - you need to live your life by design, instead of by chance (influenced by circumstances and people around you) or by default (influenced by your beliefs and habits)


4. Marieke de Bruijn asks: I never met You or have been to your trainings. Clearly You have Lots of Energy AND You are Inspiring So many people. How do you (re)Charge Yourself Every day to Live Every Day in a High/Peak State and to Perform like this? 

About charging myself to live every day in peak performance. Too many assumptions here... that I live every day, all day in peak performance, that peak performance is better than another level of energy, that charging is required, etc...

I do NOT live every day, all day in high energy/peak performance. I don't see the reason for it. If my energy is low, I don't try to 'recharge'. Instead, I choose to observe and find out what is the message I need to listen to. Even while 'performing' during a training, if my energy goes down, or the audience's energy goes down, I will often try to stay with that energy and question what's the source before trying to change it or 'recharge'. 

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5. Catherine Letterme Asks: Will You Make a Business in 2018 To creat "Soul-Tribes" all over the world?

My prediction for 2018... I will not be giving trainings anymore. I will not get involved in business anymore. At least that's the plan (never say never). After the last workshop with Roy in December, I will disconnect from social media, email and the internet and go on my new path... 

6. So "Living By Design"-Master Class with Roy Martina...

About the upcoming events and working with Roy... the coming Living By Design masterclass on the 28 of June and the 2 weekend workshops Roy and I will lead in September and December will be my 'farewell tour' - my last chance to share how I created my dream life and how anyone else can. I asked Roy to join me in this 'farewell tour' - because I didn't want to do it alone, I wanted to have fun (and we always have fun being together) and I thought that the different backgrounds and processes that we both went through could give people a more complete picture and a better perspective on how to live their life by design...

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